You play an integral role in the health and wellness of your body. Let us walk you through a detailed plan designed to help your pain go away and stay away.

What you fuel your body with matters!

The media messages we are exposed to have tainted and skewed the truth about what makes a healthy, high-functioning body. Through our Nutritional Rehabilitation Program, we’ll help you learn about real food – from shopping lists to menus and the many reasons to choose a healthier lifestyle. We help you learn how to rehabilitate the brain, to detoxify and realign the body, and to make healthier choices.

Practice members can schedule individual consultations or attend group sessions where we debunk common health misconceptions and illuminate healthier options. The human body evolved and thrives on pure, healthy food, and our instructors will show how easy and fun it can be to return to this empowering, powerful truth for your body! We will introduce you to a community of like-minded practice members, to demonstrate a culture of health. There is power in numbers!

Sound Chiropractic offers a free 15 minute consultation to understand if our services can best serve you on your own path to wellness. Contact us to book your free consultation today.

Dr. Ellen is amazing! She made a house call on a Saturday night for my husband when he was flat on his back and unable to move!
— Sound Patient