Physical activity plays an integral role in the health of your body and your brain. 

At Sound Chiropractic, we know that a healthy family is a happy family!

Individual or family consultations are designed to tailor a Lifestyle Wellness Plan exactly for you. As health-promotion providers, it is our mission to help you learn how to help you and your family succeed in our stressful, busy lives. We will introduce you to a community of like-minded practice members to demonstrate a culture of health. Whether you are interested in losing weight, quitting smoking or addressing major health crises, our team of coaches will help you build a platform to base your new health goals.

Sound Chiropractic offers a free 15 minute consultation to understand if our services can best serve you on your own path to wellness. Contact us to book your free consultation today.

I love seeing Dr Pellerine. My daughter developed a flat spot on her head from complications at birth and nursing from only one side for months. She has been seeing Dr Pellerine for a few months now and her head is almost round again! My daughter loves seeing her. I have also started getting adjusted myself, and it has helped immensely with issues that developed during my pregnancy. Highly recommend!
— Karen Johnson