Three Steps to Bring Better Health - Today!

Notes from Dr. Ellen’s desk

March 1st! It’s hard to believe we’re almost through winter 2017 already. I hope you have had a wonderful snowy season with your family and friends.

At Sound Chiropractic, we are looking ahead to spring. It is our mission to help you have the healthiest spring on record! We want to live in and promote a healthy community for our families, our selves and our clients. By choosing health, we raise the bar for everyone we interact with.

Here are 3 easy ways you can choose to better your health, therefore your Community today:

  1. Drink water. Simple! Easy! My goal for you is to drink one glass per hour you are awake. Could you manage that? Staying well hydrated is key to de-stressing your cells, flushing your body of toxins and helping digestion. This will help you avoid that mid-afternoon slump, filter your blood; keeping your brain more clear and you will have much more energy.
  2. Move more than you don’t. I say this all the time. Today, move more than you did yesterday. At least once per hour, stand up and move. If you’re already standing, move around your office or work area. Take the stairs. Park far away from the door. Today, move more than your did yesterday.
  3. Sleep. We cannot overestimate the power of being rested. Guard your sleep like you would your most prized possession. Without it, we are not the best version of ourselves. With it – the sky is the limit!

By being the best version of ourselves, we each project positive, healthy energy into our Community. Like beacons of light on a grey, foggy day, helping everyone around us see through the mist.

Take some time right now to think of some easy ways you can be more mindful of your health today and this week. Small, sustainable changes, maintained over time will show BIG results. And as a lucky side benefit, you’ll feel better along the way!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Ellen