What’s your inner dialogue?

Admit it. We all have that little voice inside our head that helps direct our decisions, our general outlook on the world, whether you’re going to go to bed or watch another episode.

Who’s in control of your decisions – you or your little voice? I know for me, the little voice is almost always encouraging me in the opposite direction that I know I want to go: have another snack, watch another episode, press snooze one more time…

How do I keep this in check? It is a work in progress, but it helps to have supportive people around me, reminding me of my health goals. Be honest with your support team! If you need something specific from them, explain what would help you most. They love you and want the best for you, so ask for help!

I have a few of my goals written on colourful cue cards and posted on my bathroom mirror, and on my desk at work. Having this regular visual reminder helps keep me on track when I get busy during the day and sets the tone for the beginning and end of each day.

Be honest. Is the little voice telling you the truth? Unless you are really great at this, most of the time it is lying to you! So when you have those doubtful moments about your confidence or your skill, press the PAUSE button and ask yourself: is this a truth or a lie? If it’s a lie, we know we can let it pass and reset with the truth. Forgive yourself and move on. You need your energy to do what is positive for you!

I just learned a trick that Jerry Seinfeld uses to help improve his stand-up comedy: he writes material every day, and tracks it on a calendar he walks by all the time. Try it! Print out this month’s calendar and get a fancy red marker. Every day that you complete the things you set out to that day, mark the day with a big red X. Great success is the sum of all the little wins that happened every single day leading up to the big moment.

Every evening you cross off your successful day with that big red X, you can tell that little inner voice that you are moving closer to your big goals with daily effort.

The number one way I stay healthy and ahead of that nagging little voice is with quality sleep. When I am well rested, I am so much more capable of making healthy choices that will help me feel better the next day.

Show up, do it, stay truthful and be quick to forgive yourself. You are worth it!